Society is divided

Silicon Valley has taken virtual sex to the extreme, encouraging men to act out their darkest and most violent sexual fantasies. Militant feminists and churches are bitterly opposed. Powerful corporations battle for market control. In the midst of a fierce protest campaign, a bomb goes off in San Francisco.

Twelve are dead

Daniel Madsen is one of a new breed of federal agents armed with a gun, a badge and a handheld lie detector. He’s a fast operator and his instructions are simple: find the bomber before he strikes again.

A nightmare awaits

Madsen plunges headlong into a sleazy, unsettling world where reality and fantasy are indistinguishable, exploitation is business as usual and the web of corruption extends all the way to Washington … only to discover the stakes are higher than he could ever imagine.

Media Reviews

The Sun - “Recounted in a mix of suspense and writing so good it's almost poetry.”

The Observer - “A blend of Clive Cussler and Michael Crichton. The storyline is compelling, the race to save the day frantic, the villains properly dark and the heroes tough yet troubled.”

The Daily Telegraph - “Skinjob delivers. Bucket-loads of suspense and action zooming along to a spectactular, explosive finale. Bruce McCabe has got the recipe right first go.”

The Courier Mail - “If any read is better deserving of the title ‘techno-thriller’, I cannot think of it. A terrific read.”

The Australian - “Skinjob offers a horribly real tale of technology’s perils... a tight, entertaining yarn that foreshadows the data and sensor-driven world we will live in come the 2020s. Rating: 8.5/10”

The Age - “Skinjob is a cracking read - highly recommended!”

Berkelouw Books - “One of The Great Reads, a book that only occurs once a decade and redefines the genre. I literally read it non-stop until four in the morning. A techno-thriller that straps you down and doesn’t relent until the last sentence.”

The Manly Daily - “Superb thriller … Bruce McCabe has done a masterly job of pushing all the right buttons. The pace is relentless, the web tangled and the ending unexpected.”

Reader Reviews

“An intellectually-provocative thriller... Orwellian.”★★★★★

“A brilliantly written futuristic thriller which keeps you hooked and guessing to the last page. A fabulous page turner!”.★★★★★

“A fast-moving storyline... raises questions about consumerism and addiction, morality, and the nature of truth and reality in the technology-driven world.”★★★★★

“A new Dan Brown or Tom Clancy? Perhaps too early to tell. However, McCabe, out of the gate, caught me spellbound.”★★★★★

“A new star has risen in the techno-thriller genre.”★★★★★

“The story is captivating … but it is the ethical dilemmas that will unsettle and have you thinking about this story long after you finish it.”★★★★★

“So many turns I could not put it down…a great crime thriller.”★★★★★

“Look out Matthew Reilly and John Birmingham, there’s a new Aussie techno-thriller sheriff in town.” ★★★★★

“The best part is the rich whodunit story … I was hooked right away, enjoyed it all the way through and can’t wait to read the sequel.”★★★★★

“Elegantly written thriller … brings the reader along while respecting the reader’s intelligence.”★★★★★

“A disturbingly realistic future … never wavers from diving head first into the most controversial topics.”★★★★★

“Suspense right through to the end, believable characters and great plot.”★★★★★


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