“Our planet with its endless potential is the perfect playground for the incorrigible explorer”

– Bruce McCabe

Bruce McCabe, the formal bit...

Dr Bruce McCabe is an entrepreneur, writer and speaker who is passionate about people and the future.

Bruce began his career at IBM in 1988 and went on to hold senior roles at IBM, WordPerfect, Novell and Gartner. In 2002 he founded S2 Intelligence, a think tank to support organisational innovation through grounded research. He went on to serve as an independent adviser to a long list of multinationals, state and federal governments, universities and science labs such as the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

Bruce became one of Australia’s best known commentators on innovation and technology, for three years writing a provocative weekly column in The Australian under the banner “The Scrutineer”. In 2009 he started the Innovation Advisory practice at KPMG to help organisations create value through innovative new products, services and processes, and in 2011 he was invited to be entrepreneur in residence at National ICT Australia, the nation’s peak computer science organisation. In 2013 he self-published his first novel, "Skinjob", which rapidly led to signings with the Christopher Little Literary Agency and Random House. Skinjob was launched around the world in June 2014. Bruce's second novel is in the works.

Bruce McCabe research

Pioneering Research

Bruce is widely recognised for his pioneering research in innovation and the adoption of new technologies. He has authored more than 300 essays, columns and research papers, delivered more than 400 presentations on five continents and holds a PhD from the University of Technology Sydney, where he is also a Research Fellow.

He divides his time between start-ups, writing and public speaking.

Sin job Bruce McCabe

Some of my writing...

  • First novel Skinjob, represented globally by the Christopher Little Literary Agency in London, published in UK & Commonwealth by the Transworld division of Random House; in USA & Canada by Dreamcom Publishing.
  • Second blockbuster thriller is in the pipeline!
  • Somewhere in the middle of a very unique, highly unusual, deeply unorthodox plain-English guide on how to innovate in the modern world.
  • Author, The Future of Business – a 63,000 word collection of scenarios on how technology will transform industry, organisations and work (S2 Intelligence, 2007)
  • Weekly newspaper columnist for The Australian (2003-2006)
  • Monthly magazine columnist for Managing Information Strategies (2002-2003)
  • Monthly magazine columnist for Business Online (2002)
  • Monthly magazine columnist for Australian Personal Computer (1996-1999)
  • Op-ed pieces in The Bulletin, The Age, Australian Financial Review, Information Week, etc, etc

innovation illustration Bruce McCabe

Other contributions

  • Expert contributor to Australia’s National E-Health Strategy (2008)
  • APCA study on innovation in Australia’s payments system (2009)
  • DIISR IT Industry Innovation Council stakeholder workshops (2009)
  • National ICT Australia 2020 planning (2007)
  • CSIRO Long Term Science Planning (2008). Chair, e-business stream
  • National Broadband Future Forum (2010)
  • Member of the NOIE e-business advisory panel (2002-2004)
  • Advisor, AGIMO National Government Interoperability Framework (2004-2005)
  • ACCC investigation into competitive effects of new online business models (2001)
  • ACMA anti-spam and online content regulations (2004)
  • Future Vision Group, Faculty of Information Systems, UTS (2007)
  • ATO investigation into e-commerce and taxation (2001)
  • Digital Advisory Group, School of the Built Environment, UTS (2008-2009)

Interesting experiences along the way..."Bruce

  • Moving atoms at IBM’s laboratories in Almaden. Profound
  • Delivering the preliminary keynote for Bill Clinton during his 2001 visit to Melbourne
  • Co-founding Yuruware, a very cool disaster recovery startup, with the amazingly smart and talented people at NICTA
  • Co-founding Future Forum with social trends superstar Mark McCrindle
  • Hiking in France, presenting at the International Symposium on Innovation Management in Spain, and teaching intrepreneurship in South Africa with friend & colleague Dr Ken Dovey
  • Kicking off BrainsTrust, The Pulse and half a dozen other ventures you’ll never hear about because they ended in glorious failure (but taught me so much!)
  • Meeting the unsung scientists at Intel, Microsoft, IBM and Google who generously let me into their research labs and shared their visions of the future
  • Dinner with Olympic legend Michael Johnson and ex-prime minister Paul Keating courtesy of Ariba (Oh, those halcyon days before the dot.com crash!)
  • The thrills, spills and camaraderie of amateur motor sport during which I have learned, in yet another context, that all successes come from surrounding yourself with good people
  • Pitching a reality TV series alongside friend and co-conspirator Matt Duffy
  • Drinking beers and being taught the venture capital ropes by members of the ”Aussie Mafia” in Silicon Valley, people infused with a desire to share and ‘give back’
  • Long summer days tapping away at the New South Wales Writer’s Centre which, appropriately enough, is in the grounds of an old mental hospital
  • Travelling with my family, wherever we are