Dr Bruce McCabe


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A quantum computer in my palm. 13 years after IBM told me we would build them, I finally hold one.

Broad Institute

Thinking differently about the future of logistics Memphis 2018

Visiting a wind farm in Ontario, Canada

What I do and why

Digging tunnels the old-fashioned way

Coming to a clinic near you - organs on demand.jpg

Coming to a clinic near you - organs on demand

Brooklyn NYC after presenting at Mastercard. This was the backdrop they gave me!

Downtime in Chicago

Edison’s lab - innovation via sweat and determination

Excited to be touring Ford’s F-150 assembly line in Dearborn

Fun with real-time skeletal rigging

Koch Institute

Geeking out on data

Getting all pointy about future of security

Meeting the amazing Anthony Atala at Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine - bioprinting organs to save lives

Moving atoms before talking to Spike Narayan at IBM Almaden - a day that changed my life

Getting carried away in the moment

NYC and wishing drone taxis were already here

On a high after a morning with the brilliant Patrick Winston. If you thought this generation of AI was a game-changer…

Having fun with the future of transportation - Fedex DX18

Off to test-drive Teslas

On the trail of the future of healthcare

Surrealist Angel, Barcelona - THE city to present on courage and risk-taking in innovation!

Accessorizing with hard hat.jpg

Accessorizing with hard hat

Please don’t worry about Skynet

Original Milgram machine, National Museum of Psychology - had to drive to Akron OH to see this!

Pinching a length of superconducting wire - one of the great enablers of our future

Presenting at Toshiba’s MobileXchange conference

Prof William Oliver discussing quantum hardware at MIT Lincoln Lab

Project Greenlight - rethinking policing at the coalface in Detroit

Waxing poetic at the Sydney Opera House

Telling stories about AI and the future of healthcare

Visiting Red Whittaker at Carnegie Mellon - father of an entire AV industry and the biggest personality in robotics in the world

Stress testing a bioprinted heart valve

Detroit - a city forced to reinvent itself

Uh oh, serious face - talking renewables

Zach Hartwig of Commonwealth Fusion Systems, Cambridge MA - real heroes working to save our planet

Thinking differently about future energy grids - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Wright brothers workshop - ingenuity plus courage changes the world

Space - innovation at its most extreme and most dramatic

When you get up close to these things they sound AWESOME

Contemplating life sciences

My first promo video

Future of energy in Orlando with Scott Goodell - President and CEO of EIM.jpg

Future of energy in Orlando with Scott Goodell - President and CEO of EIM

Future of Law with Minter Ellison.jpg

Future of law with Minter Ellison

Chasing autonomous vehicles in Pittsburgh PA

Changing the world starts with YOU