Bruce presents on technologies that will change our world.

He covers all technologies and all industries. Just let him know your areas of interest and he will customize his presentation accordingly.

Recent keynotes have canvassed game-changers in artificial intelligence, communications, space & satellites, robotics, additive manufacturing, quantum computing, genetic engineering, energy transmission, biofuels, shape-changing materials, medical devices, language translation, fusion power, brain-computer interfaces, geolocation, autonomous vehicles, genomic medicine, agriculture, transportation, public safety, policing, retailing and much, much more …



  • Customize every presentation to match the audience.
  • Focus on game-changers that are real and coming and amazing.
  • Help people think differently, optimistically and expansively about the future.
  • Share the uplifting developments they won’t see on the nightly news.
  • Inspire people to go after the opportunities in their future.
  • Answer questions on any subject.
  • Energize!